Sunday, May 31, 2009

How do I increase my Weight?

I have been asked by my lots of friend after my last posting " How can I make my self fit and fine?" , they asked me how can we increase our weight? they are skinny and want to increase there weight. So I have some tips to gain you weight just follow it and you will see great change in your body.

To gain weight and be healthy, you need to consume more calories every day from healthy foods and like, Apples, Oranges, Banana, Apricot, Dates and many more and choose the right types of exercise like, Lifting weights will help to increase your muscle size, Running and Stationary bicycling.

The high-quality mineral and multivitamin supplement is a good idea to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals you want. Lots of people find that their muscle mass increases with protein supplements that contain certain blends of amion acids. People who are very ill may need liquid nutritional preparations that are available through their doctors.

If you need more advice just sent me comment I will use my best to solve it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How can I make my self fit and fine?

I have been asked by friend who works in a company as computer operator that how would i keep my self fit? So I just suggest him some Tips and now he is looking good after using it. If any one of you seem like to need this things so just try it once.

Take Choline to metabolize fat - this vitamin is very important! If your levels of Choline are too low, fat tends to get blocked in the liver.

You just start to do bit of exercise like, Jogging and Scratch your body that much you can.And consume some good things like,
Good sources include egg yolks, wheat germ and peanuts. Choline is the main ingredient in Lethicin.

Add Iodine to your diet to stimulate the thyroid and promote a healthier faster metabolism.

The best source of Iodine is in Sea-Kelp, which is commonly available.

Take Inositol - this vitamin works with Choline to metabolize fat. Good sources are soy, eggs and nuts.

Supplement you diet with Chromium - it processes carbohydrate and reduces hunger pangs.

Studies have shown it to increase weight loss when dieting.

Make sure you consume enough of Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 - all these B-vitamins keep your metabolism running (very important for weight loss) and ensures a healthy thyroid. Good sources include wheat bran, eggs and oats.

Increase you dosage of Vitamin C - this helps the body to convert glucose into energy, and stops it from being stored in your body! Good sources include blackcurrants, broccoli, oranges and strawberries.

Vitamins should be used in combination with a suitable diet and exercise plan
Excellent vitamin supplements can be found online or in specialist shops
Take the best vitamin mineral supplement on the market. This product isn't sold in stores but it's what professional, Olympic, collegiate and everyday people take and now it's available to you. All products are 100% guaranteed so start shopping on line at and click on 39 Days To Fit or freely shop their trim line.
Some of these vitamins can be harmful, so even though it is a vitamin on the shelf, be careful. If you have a thyroid problem, see your doctor. Taking Iodine can be extremely harmful especially if you already are taking thyroid medicine.
Too much of a good thing can be bad as well. Taking excess amounts of certain vitamins can cause health problems as well. Know where to limit foods that can cause excess vitamin intake with certain vitamins. An example of this would be taking vitamins large amounts of Vitamin C will limit the amount of Orange juice you drink. Good day

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Traffic

There are too many website which are working for "Free Traffic" but most of them are fake. They are just making people fool. In my suggestion if any person want to increase its traffic with unique visitors so there is a website, named "Linkreferral" you just need to make an account there and its all free. Then follow the direction, you have to visit the member's website and your rank will increase. Its also helps to show your site on top Ten "10" of Google results. So don't waste your time just click on Linkreferral link and start making traffic. see ya

Online Trading

Ok Danial for your insisting I gonna tell you some thing about GCI its pretty good that you think to trade your currency. So to trade any thing you have just follow the instruction but first I want to tell you something about GCI. GCI Financial Ltd ("GCI") is a regulated securities and commodities trading firm, specializing in online (Forex) Foreign Exchange brokerage. GCI is recommended by top industry participants and has had its market analysis featured in leading publications, including the Financial Times. GCI Financial Ltd is regulated by the international Financial Services Commission (IFSC) for trading in financial and commodity-based derivatives and other securities, including foreign exchange. In my advice its very reliable to trade your currencies with GCI its very secure and as well as you save your time.Its seem that you are just exchange your money from your hands to another. You can visit the website GCI.COM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Remedies for Baldness and Hair loss

Causes of Hair loss

The main reason of hair loss is inadequate nutrition. Person with folic acid are the more sufferers. The other various causes of hair loss that ultimately results in baldness are:

"Genetic factor, Age factor, Hormonal changes, Excess dandruff, Stress, Poor circulation of blood".

Remedies for Hair Loss

Amla oil prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil is considered a valuable hair tonic. This is best and very simplest natural remedy for hair loss.

A mixture of equal quantity of fresh juice of lime and juice of amla when used as a shampoo stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

One cup of lettuce and spinach juice taken daily prevents hair loss.
Daily application of coconut oil mixed with lime water or lime juice on the hair prevents hair loss.

Application of juice of green coriander leaver on the head is also very beneficial.

Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves is also useful in healthy growth of hair. About 200-250 grams of mustard oil should be boiled with 100 grams of henna leaves. This is another effective Home remedy for hair loss.

History Of E-Commerce

History of E-Commerce

Early development

The meaning of electronic commerce has changed over the last 30 years. Originally, electronic commerce meant the facilitation of commercial transactions electronically, using technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). These were both introduced in the late 1970s, allowing businesses to send commercial documents like purchase orders or invoices electronically. The growth and acceptance of credit cards, automated teller machines (ATM) and telephone banking in the 1980s were also forms of electronic commerce. Another form of e-commerce was the airline reservation system typified by Sabre in the USA and Travicom in the UK. Online shopping was invented in the UK in 1979 by Michael Aldrich [citation needed] and during the 1980s it was used extensively particularly by auto manufacturers such as Ford, Peugeot-Talbot, General Motors and Nissan. From the 1990s onwards, electronic commerce would additionally include enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), data mining and data warehousing.

The earliest [citation needed] example of many-to-many electronic commerce in physical goods was the Boston Computer Exchange, a marketplace for used computers launched in 1982. The first [citation needed] online information marketplace, including online consulting, was likely the American Information Exchange, another pre-Internet [clarification needed] online system introduced in 1991.

Until 1991, commercial enterprise on the Internet was strictly prohibited.[1] Although the Internet became popular worldwide around 1994, it took about five years to introduce security protocols and DSL allowing continual connection to the Internet. And by the end of 2000, a lot of European and American business companies offered their services through the World Wide Web. Since then people began to associate a word "ecommerce" with the ability of purchasing various goods through the Internet using secure protocols and electronic payment services.


Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) is the act of doing business electronically. This means that all your transactions are paperless and you use electronic means such as EDI (electronic data interchange), electronic mail, bulletin boards, fax transmissions, electronic fund transfers and the internet.

E-Commerce is by no means a new concept, even though with the internet the use of e-commerce has increased dramatically. E-Commerce has been implemented in the banking system for a long time (ever sent an electronic funds transfer?) and most businesses have been using EDI (Electronic data interchange) to transmit computer readable data in a standard format to another business. With the rapid increase of use by consumers and businesses of the internet, e-commerce is now another option for many businesses.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is Clixsense?

I have nearly informed by my good friend about "Clixsense". He tolled me that its very awesome. But when I start to research about it. So what I found, Its such a boring thing because they paid you on clicking, not like normal clicking they paid you 1 cents per click and if you referrals works so you will be paid 5-10 cents. I am not saying that its fake people are working with it and they succeed. If you are interesting on it so in bellow I have discribed each and every thing like how to creat a account and how to work with it.

"Starting with Clixsense"

You just have to visit first the Clixsense website " and then click on sign up button now follow the instruction and then get started to visit other site and clicking.

Health Is Wealth

Its very hard to survive your life with your daily home Expenses in this inflation. Some time our expenses increase when one of our family member get ill or some kind of common diseases. So I have some sort of information and some tips for you to how to solve this problem and get rid off from all your diseases. Just follow the instruction and then see with in few days you will free from all your problem.

Get the rid of from Dark circles around your eyes........... click here

Stop t
o loss your hair or hair here

Remove Pimples from your skin............... click here

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to remove pimples quickly by Home remedies?

Now a days "Pimples" are common problem in our society, mostly people neglect it but if it won't be cured so it will be so dangerous for your health.

There are lot of ways to cure it but I suggest to use Home Remedies.

"Removing Pimples by using Garlic"

It has well known antibiotic properties making it an excellent treatment for pimples and acne.
Peel and then mash eight(8) cloves of fresh garlic apply to face avoiding around the eyes. Leave on for 15-18 minutes and then wash off by warm cloth it will prevent pimples.

Where E–Commerce is used?

E-Commerce is not to do with the technology itself – but is about the businesses that use the technology to be more efficient and gain a wider customer base, increase consumer awareness and gain an edge on your competitors. E-Commerce can be used in any situation where any activities can be done better, electronically. It is the application of new technologies (namely the Internet and the WWW) to existing business processes and practices, resulting in companies conducting business better.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Downloads

You can download here each and every thing free, like latest Software like Ms Office, Yahoo & MSN messenger, Internet Download Manager, Mirc and many more things, Games, Songs, And Wallpapers. So what are you waiting for just simple click it and get all these things.

Monday, May 11, 2009

How to check the quality of Gold?

There are lot of shops in the market where every one can go easily to purchase some kind of jeweleries but is that possible that they
are selling pure gold.

There are several ways of testing for gold content. And here is a most simple, a special pen, Requires a fair amount of judgement and isn't always accurate. But you better go a jeweler just like i have my own he uses an electronic gizmo that's fast and accurate and he does it for free.

There is also another way to test gold it is called Acid test. It's just like it sounds. A bit of gold is scraped off your item and acid applied. There are different solutions to test first, if it is gold, and then, if it is, to test the gold content.

About the best you can do on your own is to look it over carefully, to see if you can spot a clue. You might find a hallmark (10k,14k,18k) that will tell you if your piece is gold. Or you might find a spot that's worn dow
n to base metal, which would tell you your piece was plated. Other than that, there's not much you can do without an expenditure of time, money or both. A jeweler is probably your best bet.

When looking for quality gold jewelry, the first thing you need to be aware of is how the metal gold is treated or cured. 24k gold means "pure gold". The "K" karat which is a quality measurement for this metal. Do not confuse it with carat, with a "C", which is one of the 4 C"s when looking for a Diamond.

How can you Trade your Currency?

Its very simple now a days because modern era is Internet era. By Internet you can easily trade any thing what you want and where you want. Its not take a time its just on your finger's click, here you click and you have traded your products. Like Currency and Gold they are very popular and ever green items. Now one question is always remain in our mind that in the net there are also some cheaters and hackers are standing so who should we trust on. So don't worry I gonna tell you a dealer name its over there you can trade your currencies and as well as you can know about the current rate of Gold, Currency and many other valuable things. Just go to make your account and then start your dealing with Currency or other things first its free to make new account there.

How can Internet earn for me?

If you have just started out to look for opportunities to make money from home, the below facts and truth maybe helpful to you.

There are Three ways to earn money on internet, 1 earn money with Blog, 2 earn with Affiliated sites, 3 earn with your Domain.
For Blog just create a free account at and start posting and then put Google ad on your site Google will pay you for per click of your blog viewers.

For Affiliated you have to have a ad of third party and just advertise it when some one by your third party's product so you will be pay by your party as percent it can be 50% or 20% its depend on the product.

For Domain first you have to purchase a site then put some interesting stuff there and and also put the flow of traffic also some ads by which you will earn.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How can I remove Dark circle around my eyes?

I have been asked many times that I should discus on dark circle. First of all i want to let you know that why we have this problem.

Dark circle occurs when we have stress, lack of proper sleep, dehydration, nutrient deficiency and lack of some exercise.

So now I gonna tell you some very easy tips to solve this problem, its simple natural cure at home every one can do it easily.

*Application of a thin sliced of cucumber on top of each eye for (20 minutes) twice a day relieves stress and cools down the eyes.

*Applied mixture of almond oil and honey on the affected area every night before bedtime. You will see a remarkable improvement in two to three weeks.

*Consume at least two to three liters of water on a daily basis. Water is a very essential remedy in this case and it flushes out the toxins present in the body.

*Make a paste of fresh mint leaves and add a few drops of lime juice in it. Apply the mixture on the eyes and the dark circles for 15 minutes everyday and see the difference in two to three weeks.

The dark circles treatment should be started as soon as possible to avoid it from increasing.
best of luck.