Monday, May 11, 2009

How can Internet earn for me?

If you have just started out to look for opportunities to make money from home, the below facts and truth maybe helpful to you.

There are Three ways to earn money on internet, 1 earn money with Blog, 2 earn with Affiliated sites, 3 earn with your Domain.
For Blog just create a free account at and start posting and then put Google ad on your site Google will pay you for per click of your blog viewers.

For Affiliated you have to have a ad of third party and just advertise it when some one by your third party's product so you will be pay by your party as percent it can be 50% or 20% its depend on the product.

For Domain first you have to purchase a site then put some interesting stuff there and and also put the flow of traffic also some ads by which you will earn.

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