Monday, May 11, 2009

How to check the quality of Gold?

There are lot of shops in the market where every one can go easily to purchase some kind of jeweleries but is that possible that they
are selling pure gold.

There are several ways of testing for gold content. And here is a most simple, a special pen, Requires a fair amount of judgement and isn't always accurate. But you better go a jeweler just like i have my own he uses an electronic gizmo that's fast and accurate and he does it for free.

There is also another way to test gold it is called Acid test. It's just like it sounds. A bit of gold is scraped off your item and acid applied. There are different solutions to test first, if it is gold, and then, if it is, to test the gold content.

About the best you can do on your own is to look it over carefully, to see if you can spot a clue. You might find a hallmark (10k,14k,18k) that will tell you if your piece is gold. Or you might find a spot that's worn dow
n to base metal, which would tell you your piece was plated. Other than that, there's not much you can do without an expenditure of time, money or both. A jeweler is probably your best bet.

When looking for quality gold jewelry, the first thing you need to be aware of is how the metal gold is treated or cured. 24k gold means "pure gold". The "K" karat which is a quality measurement for this metal. Do not confuse it with carat, with a "C", which is one of the 4 C"s when looking for a Diamond.

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