Sunday, March 15, 2009

Problem of Hiccup

My Hiccup make me made when it comes to me how can I control it?

It was asked by my friend, he said me that, I was in party and eating food suddenly i start doing Hiccups and i could not stop it. It was feeling too shame. So don't worry now i have a trick to remove it in a second here this one.

* When ever you stick with hiccup so just pour the Honey into a Half glass of water and mix it perfectly then drink it once your hiccup will finish in a moment.

* Here is another way to stop your hiccup just have a paper of your copy or some news paper and then roll it,(Roll it that much which you can easily have into your nose and slightly shake it in a moment your hiccup will remove trust me. be happy

How can I remove this sticky chew gum to my shirt?

How can I Remove this sticky Chew gum to my shirt?

*When chew gum stick on any cloth so it is very difficult to remove.To remove it just follow the words. First have a knife and then let it a bit of hot and then remove the chew gum on your cloth, let the cloth with spirit, and then wash it with water.

* Just put your cloth which has a sticky chew gum into your freezer and make sure that chew gum has froze then you can easily remove it.

How to check the eggs?

Are These Eggs Fresh Or Not?

* For gating know that these eggs are fresh or not. First have a pot fill it with water and then put all eggs into the pot if there any egg is not fresh then it will start swimming and it will on the water.Rather then fresh egg will remain on surface of pot.

*Let the egg to the front of tube light or sun light and then carefully watch that is there any kind of spot in the egg if there is so this egg is not fresh.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hollywood Actors

Bollywood Actors

Lollywood Actors

How To Remove The Stink From A Fish?

Fish is very delicious food to eat, but we can not forget about its stink. When some one bring it to in his kitchen, whole family will be got inform by its stink. And just imagine it if on that day your relatives come to your home, so what should I say you can understand it. How can we remove stink from the fish? just follow this easy steps and trust on me its work.

* First sprinkle some salt on the fish. Salt must be remains on half an hour. Then remove it with water, Now your fish will not stink.

*Have a mixer of Salt and flour then layer it on fish after half an hour wash it and then apply some garlic on it.

Bollywood Actors

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Salman Khan

Saif Ali Khan

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here are some pics of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Bollywood Actors

Bollywood Actresses


Bollywood star Akshay Kumaar.

Saif Ali Khan

Wall Papers of Saif the film star.


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Wallpapers of Beautiful Pakistani Actress Reema.

Pakistani Actresses

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Pakistani Actors

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Shahrukh Khan

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